Amplify Youth Voice

Youthprise values investing in young people directly. This project is commissioned content to value and amplify young folks: perspectives, creativity, and thought leadership.

We are promoting youth voice as we believe there is wisdom and hope needed to address the dual pandemics of Racism and COVID-19 and their unique impacts on BIPOC communities in Minnesota.

We are launching this content with the hashtag #YouthPowerRising to coordinate and amplify with our partnering organizations the messages from these young people. We invite other youth and youth serving organizations, businesses, and philanthropic organizations to join us in amplifying youth voice during this time and use the #YouthPowerRising.

#youthpowerrising was generated and picked by young folks to capture the hope of this time for all young people working to advance the health, wellness, justice, and equity in their communities.

Youthprise in partnership with Juxtaposition Arts, Brooklyns Alliance For Youth and The SEAD Project brings together a digital campaign that aims to amplify and empower young people (24 and younger) by centering their narratives during this time of COVID-19.

The series of statements and illustrations are a collection of reflections by apprentices of the Graphic Design Lab at Juxtaposition a nonprofit social enterprise in North Minneapolis that employees and trains youth apprentices. Youthprise contracted with our team to amplify youth voice and thoughts in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic as well as to the continuing epidemic of racial injustice following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the resulting call for justice world-wide. Minneapolis became the epicenter for change; young people are the leading voice of this moment. These illustrations are all created by graphic design apprentices at Juxtaposition Arts, portraying their reactions and reflections during this critical time of unprecedented change.

Youth Apprentices build portfolios through their work on client projects, honing project management, client support, design, and illustration skills. These projects range from graphic design and branding to illustration and murals.

SEAD worked with Southeast Asian-identifying young people to share their reflections of the current dual pandemics—COVID-19 and racial uprisings—through creative mediums of their choice. The artists had the agency to tell their stories how they saw fit, highlighting themes of race, identity, reflection, spanning mediums of fine art, multimedia production and more. The result of these projects not only share the wisdom, insights, experiences, and struggles of the storytellers, but also their ideas, passion, and drive to create social change.

SEA Change Lab is SEAD’s youth pilot program aimed at growing social empowerment and leadership development through arts and storytelling in Southeast Asian youth ages 13-18 and young people 19-25. To learn more, visit

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In the wake of COVID-19, the Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth decided that we needed to find a way to tell the stories of youth and families to better understand how we can collectively respond to one another.

We started a series of podcast episodes that allowed the young people in our communities to share their thoughts and experiences, unfiltered. We cover topics related to COVID-19, experiencing systemic racism in education and their responses to the murder of George Floyd.

We hope that the young people participating will walk away with a greater confidence in speaking their truth and tangible examples of how they have contributed to their communities during a time of uncertainty.

We hope that those who listen, will be inspired by the honesty and courage youth demonstrate. Most importantly, we hope listeners activate with young people, to realize the ideas young people have to strengthen our community’s health, safety and well-being.