The Civic Spring Project

Youthprise is pleased to announce that we have been chosen as one of 6 national Civic Spring Project grantees!

Members of the Civic Spring Project are working creatively over the summer to engage young people in building civic knowledge while strengthening their community’s civic infrastructure during a significant moment in our country’s history.

About our Project: YouthLead Minnesota

YouthLead Minnesota is a partnership between Youthprise and Bridgemakers a newly-formed, youth-led grassroots organization based here in Twin Cities.

This work is inspired by and in response to Minnesota’s national attention as an epicenter for the fight for racial equity in response to police brutality perpetrated against the black community and the murder of George Floyd. Minnesota’s young people are also at the center of a youth-led struggle for equity in pandemic support.

Over the past two months, high school youth in partnership with adults have launched a campaign to overturn a state law that prevents them from accessing unemployment benefits or pandemic unemployment assistance. This is impacting an estimated 25,000+ otherwise eligible youth.

(Learn more via KARE11, The Star Tribune, WCCO, the New York Times, or the Don’t Forget Us Campaign.)


These issues have sparked significant engagement and passion among youth, especially youth from low-income families and communities of color, and with the upcoming election, this heightened awareness and desire to engage in civic action offers an unparalleled opportunity to substantially grow the civic knowledge and capacities of Minnesota young people.

To that end, Youthprise will partner with Bridgemakers (a newly-formed, youth-led grassroots organization based here in Twin Cities) to implement a two-pronged project titled YouthLead Minnesota that seeks to:

Project Key Activities and Objectives

  1. To partner with youth advisory groups statewide in developing and promoting a youth policy agenda to the current pool of candidates currently running for national, state, and local office
  2. To champion and advocate for Minnesota’s high school students to:
    1. Receive unemployment benefits and pandemic unemployment assistance in 2020
    2. Become eligible to receive state unemployment insurance in the future.
  3. To utilize a youth-led structure where young people will be engaged at every level, serving as project directors as well as ambassadors and volunteers, with adults serving as mentors.

This Project is Hiring!

Youthprise is hiring a cohort of Youth Ambassadors for the summer and early fall!

We are seeking young leaders aged 16-24.

Youth Ambassadors are responsible for:

  • Providing their thought leadership and ideas
  • Engaging large numbers of Minnesota’s youth in project activities
  • Participating in
    • Extensive check-ins,
    • Virtual and in-person meetings
    • Online convenings and focus groups
  • Campaign for equitable unemployment assistance
  • Partner with other youth to develop a youth policy agenda
  • Promote voter registration


Qualifying Candidates Possess:

  • The willingness to learn and work
  • The ability to follow through on commitments
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • A history of modeling, encouraging, and supporting all youth to share their ideas, voice, and leadership.


Specific responsibilities of Youth Ambassadors include:

  • Engaging, supporting, and mentoring Minnesota youth in all YouthLead activities.
  • Identifying, recruiting, encouraging, and organizing youth who may be potentially interested.
  • Facilitating youth participation, engagement, voice, and leadership.
  • Engaging, supporting, and mentoring youth in sharing feedback, evaluating, and improving all activities.
  • Supporting and mentoring youth in gaining confidence in organizing, advocacy, and leadership skills.
  • Supporting youth peer-to-peer relationships to build and broaden youth social skills and networks.
  • Supporting, contributing to, and attending all assigned YouthLead meetings and activities.
  • Working and communicating collaboratively with other YouthLead team members.
  • Performing all other duties as assigned.


  • Each position will be approximately 20 hours per week during Aug.-Sept. 2020, mostly during business hours.
  • Each position will be paid $16 per hour.

To apply, click here to complete this form.

Deadline: August 2 (applications received by Wednesday, July 29 preferred)

Questions: Please call or text Walter at 612.438.9426 if you have questions.

Click here to download the job description

Youthprise is committed to equal and equitable treatment for all individuals. Youthprise does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, or national origin.

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