YouthBank is more than youth-led philanthropy; it’s an opportunity for young people to impact their community, learn new and expand current skills, and promote opportunities for young people to collaborate on building communities for everyone. In partnership with YouthBank International, Youthprise is excited to be bringing this innovative youth philanthropy model
 to the United States.

Starting with eight pilot sites in 2015, Youthprise is building a statewide network of youth-led grantmaking entities in Minnesota. Together, we are co-creating a US-based approach for replication statewide and beyond.

In Youthbanks around the world, young people engage in a youth-led process to address what they feel to be the most pressing public issues affecting them.  As a group, they work to recruit a diverse group of peers, learn necessary skills, conduct research on local community issues facing youth, raise funds, promote a call for grants, interview applicants, issue grants, evaluate the results, celebrate their achievements, and then start this cycle all over again.YouthBanks create opportunities for diverse young people (14-25 years old) who have an interest in working to improve their community. Some bring experiences as the captains of sports teams, participants of the student council, or in other leadership roles. For others, YouthBank is a new kind of opportunity. All YouthBankers are trained by other young people and adult coaches to build their team, create agendas, facilitate meetings, develop plans, raise funds, conduct interviews, make fair decisions, and evaluate their efforts to improve the community and support other young people to address community youth issues. As the group conducts its work, young people build on their training to rotate through roles as trainers, facilitators, notetakers, timekeepers, encourages, and evaluators. Receiving feedback from peers and coaches, young people continue to grow in each of these roles and develop leadership skills.


Every YouthBank group follows these 9 Guiding Values


For more information on local Youthprise Youthbanks’ contact our Senior Innovation Officer, Libby Rau at