A YouthBank is a youth-led grantmaking organization, or program within a host organization, that channels money into projects that will improve the quality of life of local communities. In partnership with YouthBank International, Youthprise is excited to be bringing this innovative youth philanthropy model
 to the United States.

YouthBanklogo-blueStarting with eight pilot sites in 2015, Youthprise is building a statewide network of youth-led grantmaking entities in Minnesota. Together, we are co-creating a US-based approach for replication statewide and beyond.

Local YouthBanks are run by young people for young people wherever they are. YouthBank is unique in that it puts money directly into the hands of young people who decide on how it will be spent. It is also a process and way of working with young grantmakers that encourages and trains them as they develop essential life skills as well as increase their employability capabilities. YouthBank grantmaking committees set themes, create application procedures and criteria, undertake publicity work, interview young people, write reports to assist decision making and engage in the follow up work to learn from what has or has not worked.


To assist the young people in developing the skills, insights and knowledge to undertake this work, Youthprise—in partnership with YouthBank International—has developed a series of trainings backed up by ongoing technical assistance and support.

Participation in the YouthBank international network can:

  • increase young people’s global fluency and connect them with youth from across the globe;
  • improve young people’s financial literacy, especially for those youth who have been marginalized; and
  • help young people see themselves as donors as well as philanthropists.

Youthprise is making an initial investment of $10,000 for each YouthBank host site. In addition, sites will have the opportunity to receive an additional dollar for dollar match up to $15,000 for funds raised.


For more information on local Youthprise Youthbanks’ contact our Chief Innovation Officer, Libby Rau at