Strategic Framework 2023 - 2025


Increase equity with and for Minnesota’s indigenous, low-income, and racially diverse youth.


We envision a Minnesota where outcomes for youth are no longer predictable by race, geography, or social economic status.

Guiding Values

Centering Youth

Youth who are reflective of our mission are active partners in decision-making and leaders in our work.

Youth Are Our Center

Advancing Equity

We seek to end youth oppression by fostering opportunities for healing and building ownership, wealth, and power.

Anti-Oppression Work

Expanding Resources

Our thinking must move beyond being sustainable to achieving growth. To do more, we must increase our financial capacity.

Growth Mindset & Focus

Increasing Impact

It is essential that our sector is collectively engaged and informed. We must share what works broadly across our state and nation.

Amplify & Shift Narratives


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