Deadline Extended to June 3, 2024

Ramsey County Youth Justice Transformation Grant Request for Proposals

Program Overview

Ramsey County, through Youthprise, is seeking proposals from community partners to provide community-based programming for youth as part of a continuum of services that focuses on strategies to keep youth safely in the community. This Request for Proposals (RFP) focuses on increasing the capacity of programs that provide community-based programming for youth, up to age 24, who are under probation supervision in Ramsey County. These services are targeted to medium and high-risk youth and include Mentoring/Individualized Services, Culturally Specific services, Family Mentoring services, System Navigators, and Family Support Group. Community partners may submit a proposal for one or any combination of services sought. The County encourages community agencies to work collaboratively in response to this proposal.

Background Information

Juvenile Probation provides a broad range of services to youth ages 10 - 18, youth and young adults on Extended Jurisdiction Juvenile (EJJ) until 21 years of age, and young adults 18 - 24 years of age receiving services in the Transitional Age unit. Transitional Age clients are under the jurisdiction of the Adult courts however; because of their unique needs, receives services within Juvenile Probation. Juvenile Probation uses a racial equity lens and positive juvenile justice framework to protect public safety and reduce the delinquency behaviors of youth on probation by promoting behavioral change and healthy youth development and by holding young people accountable.
Taking into account the seriousness of the offense and using information gathered through assessments and interviews, Juvenile Probation makes recommendations to court that may include community service, restitution, referrals for services, electronic home monitoring, or out-of-home placement. Juvenile Probation staff work to increase their client's ability to maintain healthy and positive relationships with family and friends, to succeed at school and to find and maintain employment.
Juvenile Probation seeks to partner with community-based organizations to augment services and respond to the diverse cultural needs of Ramsey County youth. The County specifically encourages community partners with lived experiences, strong community connections, and diverse language skills to respond. The County is committed to effective interventions with youth in the Juvenile Justice System. Successful responder(s) will demonstrate an understanding of evidence-based practices, community-based interventions that address the cultural and racial identity of youth served, and their agency’s ability to achieve the desired outcomes.
The overall goal is to implement proven intervention programs in partnership with the courts and the community, to assist youth in successfully completing probation, and to increase community safety. Community Partners will focus on the safety and well-being of youth by demonstrating values that recognize that youth should be treated in a way that fosters their sense of self-worth, creates a sense of hope, and recognizes their potential for contributing to their communities. Programs should recognize that youth need special safeguards and care because they are still developing physically and mentally. The fundamental goal of all programming is to assist youth in assuming a constructive role in their community. Proposals should address the following areas of need of services below. Organizations are encouraged to submit a proposal for one or more of the services areas. Organizations are also encouraged to submit proposals for areas of service not listed.

Service Areas

Mentoring/ Individualized Services for Extended Jurisdiction Juvenile and Transitional Age clients

  • Support and engage young people in community-based services and activities that promote social skill building, life skills, and encourage prosocial development.
  • Implement client focused activities that focus on the needs of the individual client.
  • Participate in social events.
  • Identify specific goals with youth and work to accomplish these goals.
  • Create an environment with positive mentoring and role-modeling.
  • Work with clients one on one and engage in community resources.
  • Identify and assist with building structure for those in need, background/knowledge in housing is desired.
  • Coordinate services with others including probation, family and other treatment or community providers.
  • Ability to provide transportation.

Culturally Specific Services

  • Ability to provide culturally specific services to diverse cultural groups, specifically including, but not limited to, the Karen and Native American communities.
  • Provide connection and support directly related to the culture and community the youth and family belong.
  • Provide service from a trauma informed lens considering potential cultural trauma.
  • Work with other community partners and support team members of the youth to help youth obtain goals from a cultural lens.
  • Ability to provide transportation.

Family Mentoring Services

  • Provide families with supports/ resources to help youth succeed in reaching their goals and gain stability.
  • Supplement the work within the Family Engaged Case Plan.
  • Meet with families within the family home or a place of the family’s choosing (as well as virtually).
  • Meet with families a minimum of twice per month or as often as needed to meet the needs of the family.
  • Ability to provide transportation to members of the family.

System Navigator

  • Individuals or family members with relatives with lived experience within systems is preferred.
  • Establish trusting relationship with clients/families.
  • Assist youth/families with identifying and successfully accessing county and community resources necessary to reach goals.
  • Meet with youth/families prior to, during, and after court proceedings.

Family Support Groups/Circles

  • Provide families/caregivers of youth who are involved with probation with spaces to meet with other families in similar situations.
  • Facilitate group discussions surrounding access to resources, navigating systems, supporting their child through their probation.
  • Ability to provide/facilitate transportation to members of the family in order to participate.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible applicants include 501(c)3 youth- and family-serving organizations
  • Organizations that do not have 501(c)3 status can apply through a fiscal sponsor with 501(c)3 status

Reporting Requirements

  • Grantees are required to submit quarterly progress and financial reports

Award Amounts

  • Grant awards will range from $50,000 to $200,000.



RFP Opens


RFP Closes at 11:59


Application Review

6/10/2024 - 6/28/2024

Application Notification


Grant Term

12 months

To Apply

Complete an application via our grant portal. Applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM on 5/24/2024.

*Please note that we do not have 24-7 support available. To avoid any complications, please ensure you allow enough time to submit your application prior to the deadline.


For questions, please contact Maurice Nins, Jr. at 651-303-4362 or