Youthprise understands that to fulfill our vision and mission,
policy–both legislative and administrative–is a key that shifts systems and increases equity.

Kristy Snyder, Policy and System Transformation Officer

Kristy Snyder is working with young people and other stakeholders to build out a network aligned for meaningful impact, narrative shift, policy and legislative changes that prioritize "opportunity youth." She has over 20 years of experience in as a middle school teacher in Baltimore City, a faculty member and interim dean at Minneapolis College and director at a local nonprofit. In her spare time, she will be outside hiking or chasing down cheap airline tickets.

Disparities based on race exist for young people in Minnesota; they include unequal access to opportunities like employment and healthcare, differing treatment in the classroom and on the sidewalk, profound disparities in housing instability, and lopsided rates of county involvement (juvenile detention and incarceration, as well as the child welfare system). In all walks of life, Indigenous youth and young people of color face obstacles based on race that their white counterparts do not. Additionally, intersecting identities like gender, citizenship, sexual orientation, class, and ability shape the experiences of these youth in overlapping ways. Forces behind structural racism and implicit bias allow these racial disparities to endure and adapt over time.

In public policy advocacy, we mobilize the voice of Youthprise partners, grantees, and youth to advocate for public policies that:

Increase public investment in afterschool and summer learning, youth development, juvenile justice, and workforce readiness.
Promote cross-system collaborations between afterschool, schools, juvenile justice, child welfare, housing stability, workforce development, health, and other systems to address the holistic developmental needs of youth.
Reduce disparities in access to opportunities for learning, economic prosperity, and health and safety.
Empower youth voice in policy decisions.

Building a New Generation of Equity through Policy Change

In 2020, the twin crises of COVID-19 and the killing of George Floyd laid bare pervasive inequities in Minnesota that disproportionately impacted indigenous, low-income, and racially diverse youth. Yet, these inequities aren’t new; in many cases, they are 400-plus years in the making. These inequities intersect all aspects of life—education, health, labor, housing, the criminal justice system, and more. They tarnish our state’s pride and impede our collective prosperity.

2024 Legislative Session

A collection of the 2024 Legislative Session: Building Power: Leadership & Learning - Advancing Ownership & Wealth: Economic Opportunity - Promoting Healing: Health & Safety

Pushing P3: Policy, Power, and Passion Podcast

Pushing P3: Policy, Power, and Passion offers cross-cultural, intergenerational dialogue on these and other policies that are under consideration during Minnesota’s current legislative session. With a focus on topics that impact young people and families who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color, our three commentators — representing Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X — will offer candid analysis, commentary by dissecting issues MN legislators have discussed earlier that same week. We’ll also host guest commentators that may include policymakers, youth and adult advocates, practitioners, and others.

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