As an intermediary, Youthprise brokers relationships with various partners to achieve our mission. We seek out partners that have shared goals and develop strategic collaborations that utilize the strengths of all partners.

Leveraging Campaigns

Youthprise partners with high-performing organizations and creative thinkers who are making lasting, positive changes in the lives of young people. We believe in the power of leveraged  philanthropy, so we look for opportunities to leverage resources and relationships to maximize our impact. Through strategic partnerships, we collaborate with organizations, individuals and institutions to advance a shared vision and mutual goals. To leverage our resources, Youthprise establishes restricted funds and provides matching dollars to seed new initiatives or help innovative programs go to scale so that more youth benefit. We collaborate with our leveraging partners to secure new resources and match donations to the restricted funds up to a 1:1 match. This strategy brings together multiple investors around common goals, incentivizes investment with matching funds, and promotes long-term sustainability.
Northfield Healthy Community Initiative

Youth First represents an exciting partnership between Youthprise, the City of Northfield, the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative, and individual donors.  Through this work, more than 80 high school students have been appointed to local civic boards and commissions.  The project also supports more than 30 career exploration opportunities annually at the middle and high school levels.

The Northfield Healthy Community Initiative (HCI) has a 25-year history of supporting positive youth development in Northfield, Minnesota. HCI believes strongly that youth need to have a seat at the decision-making tables of groups that impact their lives.  When surveying the landscape, however, HCI noted that there were many decisions being made about young people without youth having a voice in these decisions.  HCI approached the City of Northfield and Youthprise about potentially changing this reality – launching a new collaborative initiative called Youth First. Through this work, more than 80 young people have been appointed to local boards and commissions for the City of Northfield, the Northfield School District, and area nonprofits.  These range from the Economic Development Authority to the Planning Commission to the Human Rights Commission to Northfield YMCA Board of Directors.  HCI staff support young people in these roles, as well as provide training and resources to the adult board members serving alongside these young people. Also through Youth First, HCI is supporting more than 30 career exploration opportunities annually at the middle and high school levels.  This includes the installation of a brand new paid youth internship program with the City of Northfield.
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Sanneh Foundation (TSF) Comprehensive Fund

Over the past 6 years, TSF has grown from a $30,000 volunteer-led organization, to a $3.4 million organzation with 70 full-time employees serving over 10,000 youth annually – all in support of the organization’s mission to:

Empower Youth by supporting and promoting educational attainment through in-school and after-school academic support; Improve Lives by providing programs that advance physical health and social and emotional development; and Unite Communities by advancing diversity, equity and community well-being.
In response to this tremendous growth in service and community impact, TSF’s Board and staff leadership identified a significant need for an organization-wide investment in facilities, infrastructure, and staffing.  The Sanneh Foundation is now engaged in a  pre-development/preparation of a Comprehensive Campaign of Capital and Capacity Building to increase and strengthen programming at Conway Community Center. Youthprise is supporting a fund to support the pre-development and preparation to launch the Comprehensive Campaign and will match any funds raised for the fund by December 15, 2017 at 1:1 ratio, with a  maximum total limit of $100,000 matching funds available. For any inquiries and/or support of this funding opportunity, please contact Jennifer Ridgeway, Chief Advancement Officer at 612.554.9901 or
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Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project

Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project is succeeding in providing a safe and fun haven for underexposed, stressed and traumatized students. We offer art based interactive classes with an environment of trust, safety, unleashed creativity, teamwork, fun, Jazz, and the art of endless possibilities.

Grammy award winning producer and educator Louis Andre Fischer founded the Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project in 2013. The After-School and Summer School Programs for ages 12-18 offer arts-based interactive classes. We are currently in three public high schools and one community center in St. Paul, MN. We are community partner with Saint Paul Public Schools and their office of College and Career Readiness. Mobile Jazz Project has professional artists, master musicians, and educators using multiple-disciplines, social group building, and one-on-one mentoring. Our classes build artistic, technological, and emotional skills to empower youth as co-creators and leaders. Disciplines consist of spoken word, creative writing, poetry, singing, performing, reading and writing music, playing instruments, recording and music production, video production and dance. Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project has the unique capacity to provide exciting content that can be differentiated to support student needs. We provide intentional leadership and learning opportunities in a creative, loving and nurturing environment. This engages all students who otherwise struggle to find themselves in core curriculum content. We help guide students through the stress and trauma of the adult world by exposing them to communication skills by using music, the arts, youth social work, and technology. We provide safe and diverse forums for communication and cultural enlightenment. Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project serves the underserved, underexposed and traumatized students of all ages and nationalities through our free programs.
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World Savvy

World Savvy; an education non-profit, working to educate and engage youth to learn, work, and thrive as responsible global citizens; and Youthprise are partnering to establish a Youth Engagement Fellowship, a 24-month paid appointment for a recent college graduate based in World Savvy’s Minneapolis office. This position will capitalize on the engagement of young people participating in the World Savvy’s classroom program, alumni of World Savvy, and young adults new to World Savvy.

World Savvy is a national education non-profit working to educate and engage youth to learn, work, and thrive as responsible global citizens. As the leading provider of global competence education, World Savvy envisions a K-12 education system that prepares all students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for success and active engagement in the global community. Honoring, engaging, and seeing the power of young people to affect change is key to World Savvy’s values and systems change model. In order to capitalize on the engagement of youth who are participants in the World Savvy classrooms program (our primary student engagement offering that works to inspire and develop young people as changemakers as they work in teams to identify, research and propose solutions to complex global and local issues), alumni of World Savvy, and those young adults who are new to World Savvy, Youthprise and World Savvy are partnering to create a Youth Engagement Fellowship, a 24 month paid appointment for a recent college graduate. The position will be based in World Savvy’s Minneapolis office and will be a member of the Program Team. This position would be piloted first in Minneapolis and then expanded to include the hiring of fellows in New York and San Francisco in future years.
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Brooklyn Bridge Alliance - Rec on the go

There are many ‘non-participating’ youth in Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park who don’t know about and can’t get to our existing recreation facilities. In fact, 61% of kids in the Brooklyns during the summer of 2016 did not participate in summer programming. Our solution developed by the Alliance Strategy Team and operationalized by the Cities of Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park, was to bring mobile ‘brick and mortar’ recreation facilities to the community! Mobile Recreation Services “Rec on the Go” (ROTG) increases participation and eliminates barriers.

In our first summer we served 204% of our estimated goal. This year we are launching our 3rd ROTG vehicle this year and are raising funds to expand and enhance the TEEN ROTG and ROTG for both cities. Your contribution will lead to: 1) More teens will be served, 2) Youth feeling safe and connected, and 3) Stronger collaborative relationships between schools, colleges and cities to serve kids better. Rec On the Go.MAP
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YoPro – Youth Pro Fitness and Nutrition

Promoting health and fitness among children while they are young can have a long-term positive impact on their physical, cognitive and emotional well-being. Unfortunately, many children from low-income families and communities of color do not have access to structured, high-quality fitness programs through which they can learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Youth Pro Fitness and Nutrition helps fill this void through YoPro – an age- and developmentally-appropriate fitness program and nutrition education curriculum for children ages 5 to 13. The program is designed to reach youth right where they are – in schools, youth programs and the community.

Youthprise is providing technical support in expanding YoPro and will also match up to $15,000 in contributions to the YoPro Fitness and Nutrition Fund. You can make an online donation to the YoPro Fitness and Nutrition Fund. Or you can make checks payable to Youthprise and note in the memo line: YoPro Fitness and Nutrition Fund. Send checks to Youthprise, 615 First Avenue NE, Suite 125, Minneapolis, MN 55413. (need to change the donation connection) *Contributions to the YoPro Fitness and Nutrition Fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and are intended for the benefit of the YoPro Fitness and Nutrition Fund. In order to comply with federal tax laws and Treasury regulations, Youthprise must retain ultimate discretion and control over the use of donated funds. A fee of 7% is charged to cover legal and administrative costs associated with the Fund. This fee does not apply to the Youthprise 1:1 match.
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Community Ambassadors Initiative

A grassroots movement, the Community Ambassadors Initiative (CAI) in St. Paul, is backed by the St. Paul Police Department, the city, and philanthropic organizations. Its mission is to heal police-community relationships in order to advance the wellbeing of their communities. While one of the aims of CAI is to prevent young people from interacting with the criminal justice system, the scope of the Initiative goes beyond prevention. CAI connects young people with community services and creates pathways to employment opportunities for young Minnesotans facing some of the greatest disparities in access.

Most of the Ambassadors have ties to the young people that they encounter, through the schools, recreation centers or community organizations. Playing off the trust that they built the Ambassadors talk to teens and young adults one-on-one or in groups to abate potentially dangerous situations. The initiative blends street outreach and engagement with skill-building programming and services including individualized plans to meet each youth’s needs. These services include work readiness training, building life skills, educational support, tattoo removal and other services delivered by partnering community organizations. Community Ambassadors also recognize the important link between employment and pathways to success for young people. The Community Ambassadors work with agencies that provide employment opportunities to youth who face difficult barriers to employment. Community Ambassadors understand that in order to succeed in the workplace, these youth will need individualized job search and placement assistance and long term follow-up services. Not only are these services proven to be extremely effective in addressing and reducing crime in our communities, they also empower at-risk youth to make positive changes in their lives, creating an exciting opportunity to enhance the lives of young people and their families.
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