Apply from June 8 – July 22, 2022

To thank those Minnesotans who worked on the frontlines during the COVID-19 peacetime emergency, Gov. Tim Walz signed Frontline Worker Payments into law April 29, 2022, enabling those workers to apply for Frontline Worker Pay.

This applies to workers of all ages, even those under the age of 18!

Am I eligible?

Eligibility is based on both work requirements and job sector.
Qualifying job sectors include those that frequently hire young people like:

  • Food service, including production, processing, preparation, sale, and delivery
  • Retail, including sales, fulfillment, distribution, and delivery

To be eligible for Frontline Worker Pay, an applicant must:

  • have been employed at least 120 hours in Minnesota in one or more frontline sectors between March 15, 2020, and June 30, 2021;
  • for the at least 120 hours worked during this time period, the applicant –
    • was not able to telework (i.e. work remotely, like via Zoom) due to the nature of the individual’s work and
    • worked in close proximity to people outside of the individual’s household;
  • meet the income requirements ($85,000 or less for most youth); and
  • have not received an unemployment insurance benefit payment for more than 20 weeks for the weeks between March 15, 2020, and June 26, 2021.

See for an explanation of all the requirements, the most up-to-date information, and helpful resources.

Where do I apply, and what’s the timeline?

It is anticipated that applications will be open from June 8 through July 22, 2022. These dates are subject to change. Applications can be submitted at

The 45-day application period will be followed by a 15-day period to allow for appeals from those whose applications were denied. After verification and processing of the applications are completed, payments are anticipated in early fall. All applications will move through the process at the same time and payments will be forwarded for processing together.

How can I get help completing the application?

During the application period, the state will have a call center you can contact for assistance in multiple languages. Learn more at

How much can I expect to receive?

All eligible workers who apply and are approved will receive the same amount.  The exact amount depends on how many workers apply.  Payments will likely be between $500 and $750, but they cannot exceed $1,500 by state law.  Payments will either be deposited directly into your bank account or sent via prepaid debit card.

Will this payment affect my benefits?

Frontline worker payments will not be considered income, assets or personal property for purposes of
determining eligibility or recertifying eligibility for:

  • child care assistance programs under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 119B;
  • general assistance, Minnesota supplemental aid and food support under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 256D;
  • housing support under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 256I;
  • Minnesota family investment program and diversionary work program under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 256J; and
  • economic assistance programs under Minnesota Statutes chapter 256P.

Will I have to pay taxes on this bonus?

You will not have to pay Minnesota state taxes on this bonus. However, it will count toward your federal income, so you may have to pay federal taxes on it. We recommend setting aside a portion of the bonus to cover any taxes associated with it next year.

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