Grant Opportunities

In partnership with public and private funders, Youthprise provides grants and technical assistance to nonprofit organizations in Minnesota. Our grants advance youth access to expanded learning opportunities, economic opportunities, and health & safety.

Youthprise operates competitive grant processes, sponsors events from like-minded organizations, and has established strategic partnerships that advance mutual goals.


Growth Strategies

In 2014, Youthprise developed four growth strategies to accelerate progress toward our goals and increase resources for the field over the next three years:

  • Expand Impact through Leveraging: Intentionally seek high-leverage opportunities with the right projects and the right partners to advance our mission and maximize our impact;
  • Advance Racial Equity: Develop policies, practices and strategic investments that ensure the distribution of resources, opportunities, and burdens are not determined or predictable by race;
  • Align Systems Regionally: Coordinate collaborative projects across the Twin Cities to advance youth outcome measurement, data collection, and program quality;
  • Grow Youth Role: Deepen work based on lessons learned from pilots, boost the # of youth engaged, increase the amount of investment in youth, and expand statewide.

Theory of Change

Youthprise’s mission is to Increase equity with and for Minnesota’s indigenous, low-income, and racially diverse youth, in the following impact areas:


Goals Outcomes
LEARNING Increase opportunities to build academic skills
Increase opportunities to build social-emotional development
Increase connections to caring adults and mentorship opportunities
Increase connections to school or other academic settings
LEADERSHIP Increase civic engagement
Increase leadership opportunities, including participation in formal leadership structures


Goals Outcomes
ECONOMIC Increase access to work experience and work readiness training
Increase access to soft skills training, financial literacy, and other opportunities that promote economic independence
Increase access to entrepreneurial skills and experience
Increase access to career pathways for youth in in-demand industries


Goals Outcomes
HEALTH Increase access to nutritious meals
Increase access to health education opportunities
Increase access to physical activities
SAFETY Decrease negative interactions between youth and police
Increase alternatives to confinement
Increase access to restorative practices as an alternative to formal system processing

Past Grant Opportunities and RFPs:

  • Accelerator Initiative

  • Ramsey County

  • Capacity Building Grants

  • The Social Innovation Fund

  • Change Fellows

  • The YES! Fund

  • East African Youth Economic Development Grant

  • The Somali YES! Fund

  • General Operating

  • Youthprise-Ramsey County Partnership

  • JDAI Deep-End Alternatives

  • YPAR

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