Youth Participatory Action Research

Youthprise supports Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) as a method of youth development, youth engagement, and community building. YPAR allows youth to lead and create research, involve members from their own communities in dynamic ways in the research, and develop research that is intended to bring meaningful change to issues that are directly affecting them. What makes YPAR attractive to communities and effective is that it honors relationships and builds trust by establishing mutual reciprocity and respect between researchers and the community.
The submission deadline has passed and we are no longer accepting applications.

Youthprise is pleased to announce the 2018-2019 YPAR Grantees

23 organizations applied in order to develop teams of youth researchers to conduct youth-led research; research designed to create viable youth informed solutions to current community issues.  We want to thank all the applicants for your time and commitment to youth-led research. 

Congratulations to Our 2018-2019 YPAR Grantees:


Juxtaposition Arts, Minneapolis, $22,500

Housing Resource Navigators and their impact on Housing Instability in North Minneapolis

High School for Recording Arts, Saint Paul, $22,500

Gentrification and Teen Homelessness

Asian American Youth Storytellers, Minneapolis, $22,500

Intergenerational Asian American Activism and Resistance in Minnesota

Navigate, Minneapolis, $22,500

Latinx undocumented/DACAmented Immigrant Activism and Healing Against State Sanctioned Persecution


For questions, please contact Irina Barrera at or (612) 564-4858 extension 84.

For more information refer to the RFP Document here

2018-2019 YPAR Request for Proposals

Youthprise is pleased to announce that the request for proposal process for the 2018 Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) cohort is now open. YPAR is an innovative approach to positive youth and community development rooted in social justice principles in which young people receive training and support to conduct and lead systemic research to improve their lives, their communities, and the institutions intended to serve them. YPAR developed from Participatory Action Research (PAR), an approach and epistemology that involves the people most affected by a particular issue in conducting research and analysis in order to develop solutions to bring about social, cultural, and/or political transformation.

Youthprise values this approach and understands that it is integral to healing communities and building social movements that address root causes of disparities and injustice. Youthprise intends to build on the success of previous YPAR cohorts by expanding the number of YPAR teams, increasing the number of youth researchers, increasing youth leadership and engagement, and adding to the body of knowledge regarding issues that affect youth and their communities.

YPAR teams will be developed, sponsored, housed, and facilitated over a 12-month project period by applicant organizations. Organizations best suited to sponsor YPAR teams are those that model positive youth development and value youth voice, youth leadership, and youth action. YPAR teams will receive training and technical assistance; however, applicant organizations must be able to dedicate a facilitator with some familiarity with research, evaluation, or organizing. YPAR teams produce research focused on social action that is informed by local community input, therefore applicant organizations must be familiar with and comfortable with engaging communities connected with their YPAR youth. Supporting this youth-led community engagement approach toward research is critical to developing leadership and technical skills as well as building the capacity of young people to be change makers. More information about how YPAR teams conduct and approach their project including youth, adult, and organization roles and responsibilities will be covered during the grant information webinar.

Grant Program Information

  • $90,000 is available in funding for 2018 projects.
  • Four $22,500 grants will be awarded.
  • Grants are one year beginning on October 1, 2018 and ending on September 30, 2019.
  • YPAR orientation, subsequent trainings, and technical assistance will be provided to prepare research teams for their projects.

Eligibility & Requirements

Eligible applicants include educational institutions, 501(c)(3) youth-focused organizations, and 501(c)(3) community, social justice, and research organizations that have a focus on issues that affect youth. Organizations described above with fiscal sponsors are also eligible to apply. Organizations must be located in Minnesota and commit to the following:

  • Assemble a team of young people ages 15 to 24 years of age to develop and lead research.
  • Provide appropriate compensation for youth researchers.
  • Assign a facilitator with research, evaluation, and/or organizing qualifications or experience to provide support to youth.
  • Participate in YPAR orientation and trainings.
  • Participate and share information and data in quarterly meetings of the YPAR network.
  • Present research, data, and findings to the community and to the YPAR network.
  • Submit your data and findings to Youthprise.
  • Complete a final report that consists of an interview with Youthprise staff to summarize your process, your findings, your outcomes, and your research journey.

Selection Criteria

A two-stage review process will be used to award YPAR grants. The first stage will consist of an evaluation of grant applications by community reviewers primarily comprised of young people. The second stage will consist of in-person interviews with Youthprise staff and young people. Recommendations from the review process will be made to the Youthprise Board of Directors for final approval on 9-18-18. The selection process will include the following:

  • Evaluation of your capacity to assemble a team of youth researchers willing to commit to a yearlong research project.
  • Evaluation of your organization’s or facilitator’s qualifications or experience engaging youth and/or experience conducting research, evaluation, or organizing issues-based campaigns.
  • Evaluation of the scope of your research project, the potential for application of your findings, and degree of engagement with the community.
  • Evaluation of your project and participant goals and outcomes.
  • Evaluation of how youth researchers are being compensated for their work

RFP Timeline

RFP Opens
June 8th 2018

Live Grant Information Webinar
June 25th 2018

RFP Closes
July 20th 2018

Grant Review Completed
Aug 16th 2018

Applicant Notification
Sept 21st 2018

YPAR Projects Begin
Oct 1st 2018

YPAR Orientation
TBA first week of Oct 2018

*The submission deadline has passed and we are no longer accepting applications.*