YPAR Grants

Youthprise supports Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) as a method of youth development, youth engagement, and community building. YPAR allows youth to lead and create research, involve members from their own communities in dynamic ways in the research, and develop research that is intended to bring meaningful change to issues that are directly affecting them. What makes YPAR attractive to communities and effective is that it honors relationships and builds trust by establishing mutual reciprocity and respect between researchers and the community.

YPAR is an innovative approach to positive youth and community development rooted in social justice principles in which young people receive training and support to conduct and lead systematic research to improve their lives, their communities, and the institutions intended to serve them. YPAR developed from Participatory Action Research (PAR), an approach and epistemology that involves the people most affected by a particular issue in conducting research and analysis in order to develop solutions to bring about social, cultural, and/or political transformation.

Youthprise values this approach and understands that it is integral to healing communities and building social movements that address root causes of disparities and injustice. Youthprise intends to build on the success of previous YPAR cohorts by expanding the number of YPAR teams, increasing the number of youth researchers, increasing youth leadership and engagement, and adding to the body of knowledge regarding issues that affect youth and their communities.

Youthprise is pleased to announce the 2018 YPAR Grantees

Nearly 20 organizations applied in order to develop teams of youth researchers to conduct youth-led research; research designed to create viable youth informed solutions to current community issues.  We want to thank all the applicants for your time and commitment to youth-led research. 

Congratulations to Our 2018 YPAR Grantees:

Juxtaposition Arts, Minneapolis, $20,000

Environmental Racism in North Minneapolis

Kalpulli Ketzalcoatlicue, Minneapolis, $20,000

Transnational Identities

21st Century Middle School Academy, Minneapolis, $20,000

21st Century Healing Project

Annex Teen Clinic, Robbinsdale, $20,000

Sex Ed in Minnesota

Arts-Us, Saint Paul, $15,000

Youth Excellence



For questions, please contact Irina Barrera at irina@youthprise.org or (612) 564-4858 extension 84.

The submission deadline has passed and we are no longer accepting applications.

For more information refer to the RFP Document here