EveryBody’s In

Every Body’s In encourages Every Body to recognize the connection between school education and education in the community, and to strengthen the connections with a goal of preparing youth to become responsible, civic-minded adults.


Everybody will understand and accept the connections between democracy, community, and education. We uphold and challenge one another to view education in the schools and community as a continuum of learning. We act on our responsibility to individually and collectively be the educators who connect community learning to classroom learning in order to ensure the success of our youth.

Personal Commitment Form

Every Body’s In Update Form


  • Everybody’s self-awareness as community educators increases.

  • Everybody’s In becomes a community-based network taking action to improve the education and well-being of our children.

  • Our community collectively explores new ways of learning, growing, partnering and collaborating.

  • Everybody shares their skills and gifts to support our children as active, engaged and thriving learners.

  • Everybody increases their understanding of issues and barriers in schools and the community.

  • Civic responsibility and engagement grows in the community.


Ambassador Toolkit

This Ambassador Toolkit is a guide for citizens to host important community conversations that result in a call to action for educating and developing our youth.

EveryBody’s In Toolkit 2018


Community Benefits Report

A Call for Responsibility & Action for Educating & Developing Our Youth 2017

EveryBody’s In Community Benefits Report



For more information email everybodysin@youthprise.org