Economic Opportunity

Our Economic Opportunity focus area creates opportunities for economic prosperity by supporting programs and initiatives that build workforce skills, promote youth entrepreneurship, and expose youth to career pathways. We do this by supporting career readiness training at organizations that young people feel connected to, many of which offer culturally-specific programming

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As an intermediary whose mission is to ensure increase equity with and for Minnesota’s indigenous, low-income, and racially diverse youth; we know that factors outside of the traditional out-of-school time program contribute to youth success. Our initiatives under Economic Opportunity address some of these factors including the negative impact of over-policing our youth and the risk that hunger poses to communities across the state.

Within the area of Economic Opportunity, Youthprise’s goals are to:

  • Increase access to work experience and work readiness training
  • Increase access to soft skills training, financial literacy, and other opportunities that promote economic independence
  • Increase access to entrepreneurial skills and experience
  • Increase access to career pathways for youth in in-demand industries


General Operating

General Operating grants provide funding to Minnesota based youth-serving non-profit organizations. The funding is focused on providing support for mission-related core functions that enhance organizational or programmatic operations. In alignment with our mission, Youthprise values organizations that are committed to dismantling structures of oppression that hinder the ability of youth to lead healthy and vibrant lives.

Opportunity Reboot

Opportunity Reboot mobilizes public and private resources to sustain and grow the work of organizations creating career pathways for opportunity youth, youth who are disconnected from education and employment. Training and technical support are provided to help organizations bridge best practices in youth development and workforce development in order to more effectively create pathways to school, career, and life success


Youthprise seeks to be active on a range of policy issues that impact Minnesota youth, especially those that face barriers to accessing quality learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Youthprise’s public policy functions are 1) Educating elected officials and stakeholders in the youth development field; 2) Advocating for policy change at the state, federal and local levels; 3) Engaging Youthprise partners (youth, communities of color, youth-serving organizations, intermediaries) in the policy process; and 4) Lobbying to influence specific legislation.


Youthbank is a youth-led grant-making initiative that channels money into projects that improve the quality of life for young people in their communities, shifted online. YouthBank is guided by 10 core values: 1) youth-led, 2) open to all young people, 3) promoting equity & justice, 4) participation & inclusion, 5) promoting understanding & respecting difference, 6) clear & fair methods of grant-making, 7) say it as it is, 8) developing young people’s skills & experience, 9) reflection & evaluation, and 10) celebration.


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