Brand Guidelines

Have any questions or concerns about representing the Youthprise brand?

Logo Guidelines

Minimum Logo Size
Logo should not be used smaller than 1.25in in width

Logo on Photos
Placing the color image on top of a photo is acceptable, provided that the background color is light enough for the logo to be legible. If there is not enough contrast, use the reversed logo.

Clear Space
Adequate clear space around a logo protects it from being crowded by other graphic elements and text on a page. Space equivalent to the x-height of “youth” should be kept free of text, photography and any other imagery. The “x” height and width will vary according to the logo size. Use a more generous amount of space to further enhance the logo’s legibility.

File usage instructions: Use the .eps for professional printing, the .png for website/digital usage, and the .jpg for word documents/office printing etc.[/one_half][one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 0″]
Logo packages include .EPS / .PNG / .JPG files and a readme.txt

Our Colors

html: #D82231 cmyk: 2/98/85/7

html: #8F3D73 cmyk: 27/81/8/28

html: #F26721 cmyk: 0/74/100/0

html: #8CC63E cmyk: 50/0/100/0

html: #D30D8C cmyk: 12/100/0/0

html: #FDB813 cmyk: 0/30/100/0

html: #999999 cmyk: 0/0/0/50

html: #00ADEE cmyk: 70/15/0/0