Youthprise: Disrupting with Purpose Event Series


Young people of color and Indigenous youth bring unique perspectives when it comes to defining wealth, addressing economic disparities and investing in wealth building opportunities for their communities. They bring critical insights that frame wealth as a collective measure of wellbeing rather than solely individual, as well as asking important questions regarding wealth and responsibility, power and addressing root causes of poverty and the need for social change.

Young Money: Young People’s Perspectives on Building Wealth will engage a panel of youth entrepreneurs in a dialogue focused on what wealth building means to Indigenous youth and young people from communities of color. Panelists will also talk about barriers to building wealth and convey their ideas about how to build a stronger ecosystem that creates opportunities for this population and other marginalized youth to build wealth, including supporting young entrepreneurs.

In addition, Waheera Mardah, Senior Consultant for FSG, will present findings from recent focus groups that addressed young people’s ideas about wealth, which, in many cases, may be different from common perspectives. Lissa Jones-Lofgren will facilitate this discussion, which will feature six entrepreneurs, ages 6 to 25, who were recently awarded funding during Youthprise’s most recent Youth Entrepreneurs grant round. Join us for what will prove to be a lively and eye-opening discussion.

Date: October 25, 2022
Time: 3:00-4:15pm CST
Register Now: Disrupting with Purpose Registration

We want to thank Katie Battis-Troyer, Betsy Narr, and the entire Claim Our Space team for their continued support in making this series a reality!

The Youthprise Team


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