Youthprise: Disrupting with Purpose Event Series

On September 21st, we held the second event in our Youthprise: Disrupting with Purpose series hosted by Lissa Jones-Lofgrenis, host of the KMOJ Radio show Urban Agenda!
It’s been said that no significant change has occurred without the leadership of young people. Recent history bears that out. From black youth conducting sit-ins during the Civil Rights Movement to youth involvement in pressing issues of today – public safety, school curriculum, environmental issues, mental health, and use of sacred land – young people continue to be at the forefront of social change movements that are shifting policy at the state and national level. Recently, youth from Minnesota led a statewide campaign that generated bipartisan support and culminated in legislation to overturn a 90-year old state law that prevented high school students from collecting unemployment benefits. As Minnesota’s population trends younger over the next 25 years, how can we support young people as they seek to effect changes in policy around the issues that impact them? The New Policy Changemakers session will address this issue through a spirited panel discussion that includes youth changemakers and adults who are committed to creating spaces for young people’s involvement in civic discourse and advocacy for social and legislative change.

Featured Panelists:

We want to thank Katie Battis-TroyerBetsy Narr and Claim Our Space for your support! For our next event on October 19, 2021 we will be talking about NextGen Philanthropy, click here to register now.
UPDATE: For those of you who were unable to attend, you can watch the full video below, or visit our Youthprise Facebook page!

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