Youthprise announces our 2018-19 YPAR Cohort Grantees!

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YPAR is an innovative approach to positive youth and community development rooted in social justice principles in which young people receive training and support to conduct and lead systemic research to improve their lives, their communities, and the institutions intended to serve them. YPAR developed from Participatory Action Research (PAR), an approach and epistemology that involves the people most affected by a particular issue in conducting research and analysis in order to develop solutions to bring about social, cultural, and/or political transformation.In the 2018-19 Cohort, Youthprise is offering capacity building and funding support to four community-based YPAR projects. Youthprise values this approach and understands that it is integral to healing communities and building social movements that address root causes of disparities and injustice. Youthprise intends to build on the success of previous YPAR cohorts by expanding the number of YPAR teams, increasing the number of youth researchers, increasing youth leadership and engagement, and adding to the body of knowledge regarding issues that affect youth and their communities as a part of our 2018-19 YPAR Cohort.

Below are descriptions of our 2018-19 YPAR Cohort Grantees.

Asian American Youth Storytellers

Intergenerational Asian American Activism and Resistance in Minnesota. The goals of this research project are to document the cultural, historical, and political history of Asian American youth living in Minnesota. This project will give space for them and their family to share oral histories of their ethnic heritage and their migrant stories to the United States. Funding for this project will provide support to hire six Asian American youth to research the historical, political, cultural, and personal contexts of Asian American activism and art. Minneapolis, $22,500

Juxtaposition Arts

Housing Resource Navigators and their impact on Housing Instability in North Minneapolis. The goal of this research project is to delve deeper into housing inequality in Minnesota. Many community members are critical of gentrification and understand the history of redlining. This project will uncover housing resource navigators and their impact on housing instability. Funding for this project will provide support for Juxtaposition’s Tactical Lab to design an action research project to explore affordable housing in Minneapolis in collaboration with the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) Research Associate Dr. Brittany Lewis. Minneapolis, $22,500

High School for the Recording Arts

Gentrification and Teen Homelessness. The goal of this research project is to examine neighborhoods in Minneapolis that are being gentrified and document the impact it has on low-income families and homeless youth. Funding for this project will provide support for the ChangeMaker project to provide a cohort of students and recent graduates with a deep and rigorous research experience. ChangeMaker projects require students to select a social problem they care about to conduct original research. Saint Paul, $22,500

Navigate MN

Latinx undocumented/DACAmented Immigrant Activism and Healing Against State Sanctioned Persecution. The goals of this research project are to mitigate the socio-emotional numbing and undealt with consequences of state-sanctioned persecution of Latinx undocumented/DACAmented immigrants. Through this project we attempt to make visible the way our community solves problems, resist, live, dream, thrive and build legacies in spite of the chaos around us.  Funding for this project will provide support for From Protest to Power: Truths told and community vision through research. This project will use YPAR to mitigate the socio-emotional numbing and unaddressed consequences of state-sanctioned persecution of Latinx undocumented immigrants. Minneapolis, $22,500

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