Youthprise and Healthy Roots Institute launch new kitchen collaboration led by Chef Lachelle Cunningham


April 22, 2022

Youthprise and Healthy Roots Institute are thrilled to launch a new kitchen collaboration led by Chef Lachelle Cunningham.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (April 21, 2022) — Youthprise announced today a kitchen collaboration with Healthy Roots Institute that will aim to create a more inclusive meal experience that is more reflective of the Minnesota youth the organizations serves.

Since 2015, Youthprise has been a staple in the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) and Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), operating as a sponsor for small to mid-sized youth serving operations through-out the Metro. During the height of the pandemic, the Youthprise nutrition program responded to the growing needs of their community partners through-out Minnesota, and reached a milestone of over 2 million meals served. In 2021, their investment in the meals served to its vast communities grew to include a unique partnership with Chef Lachelle Cunningham at Healthy Roots Institute. By partnering on this project, Youthprise aims to create a more inclusive meal experience that is also reflective of the youth they serve. This kitchen collaboration will lead to a more food and youth centered experience when partnering with Youthprise meal programs.

Chef Lachelle’s vision and expertise in the healing nature of food and food education will be pivotal. Her ability to transform ingredients and inspire through workshops and teaching will impact each and every meal that moves through the new Youthprise kitchen. The new space will also provide an opportunities for young people to explore culinary and entrepreneurial career paths.

For learn more information about the Youthprise Nutrition Program, click here. Youthprise will also be seeking an Executive Chef and a Food Production Cook to join their new kitchen collaboration. Interested? Click here to learn more and apply today.


About Youthprise

Youthprise’s mission is to increase equity with and for Minnesota’s indigenous, low-income and racially diverse youth. We envision a Minnesota where outcomes are no longer predictable by race, geography, or socioeconomic status. Youthprise innovates systems, structures, and practices that enable youth to thrive by mobilizing and investing resources; advancing knowledge, and advocating for change. For more information visit,

About Chef Lachelle Cunningham

In 2018, Chef Lachelle began building The Healthy Roots Institute, with a mission focused on healing and social justice through food education, culinary arts and entrepreneurship. Through the Healthy Roots Institute, Chef Lachelle curates cooking workshops and retreats, teaches culinary arts, food business classes and also provides human resources, menu development and operations consulting to local restaurants and food service establishments. Her greater vision is to grow the Healthy Roots Institute for greater capacity to impact people through food, culinary education and entrepreneurship. For more information visit,

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