Youth Power Rising

Amplify Youth Voice

Youthprise in partnership with Juxtaposition Arts, Brooklyns Alliance For Youth and The SEAD Project brings together a digital campaign that aims to amplify and empower young people (24 and younger) by centering their narratives during this time of COVID-19.

We are promoting youth voice as we believe in their wisdom and hope as needed to address the dual pandemics of Racism and COVID-19 and their unique impacts on BIPOC communities in Minnesota.

Youthprise values investing in young people directly. This project is commissioned content to value and amplify young folks: perspectives, creativity, and thought leadership.

We are launching this campaign with the hashtag #YouthPowerRising to amplify with others the messages from young people. We invite other youth and youth-serving organizations, businesses, and philanthropic organizations to join us in amplifying youth voice during this time and use the #YouthPowerRising.

Invest in and hire youth.

Follow the #YouthPowerRising to see all the great work


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