Youth Day at the Capitol – February 21

Published on January 24, 2012 | Written by

Youthprise and our partners in the Youth Policy Alliance are sponsoring the annual Youth Day at the Capitol on February 21st. It’s an opportunity for youth and youth workers to come to the Capitol to raise our voices for and with youth.

We know that investment in youth is an investment in a healthy Minnesota.Young people who participate in quality youth development programs are more likely to be active citizens, settled in stable personal relationships, employed and economically self-sufficient, and happy with their lives as young adults. Virtually every Minnesotan in every part of the state stands to benefit when the next generation of young adults is better prepared to contribute and participate in our economy and community life.

However, not all elected officials know this, so it is OUR job to ensure they do! This is your opportunity to educate policy leaders about the benefits of quality youth development programming and have youth engage in the legislative process. Join us February 21st!

For more information, including how to schedule a meeting with your legislators, visit

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