“Spread Joy” with Youthprise during the month of December!

Youthprise wants to help “Spread Joy” this season!

What is Spread Joy?
Spread Joy is an ongoing effort to help Youthprise families during times of need. This can include the holiday season, back to school, the onset of winter or other times that place great demands on youth and families. We support hundreds of families through initiatives such as MN Afterschool Advance and this is our way to ease the burden on families during times when they should be experiencing great Joy. Help us spread joy!

Who are the families?
The majority of families selected are from our MN Afterschool Initiative, a program that connects low-income families to high quality afterschool programs and other enrichment opportunities through the MN K12 Education Tax Credit. In order to be eligible for this program families must have a household income of $33,500 or less in the current tax year or previous tax year.

How does the program work?
Individuals or groups desiring to sponsor gifts are matched with a family by Youthprise. Families and sponsors interested in participating will fill out an online form. Sponsors will then receive a brief description of the family along with the first names and ages of each person. The family members each fill out a “Wish List”. Sponsors are NOT obligated to buy everything on the list. We recommend sponsors give at least one gift per family member and/or at least four gifts per family. (Visa gift cards, restaurant gift cards are okay).

What is the cost involved?
It depends on the sponsor’s resources as well as the needs of the family. We ask that those sponsoring families commit at least $350-$500 per family. However, sponsors can spend as much as they are able. Our preference in regards to food related gifts is for sponsors to provide gift cards for restaurants or grocery stores in addition to gifts.

Can I donate money instead of sponsoring a family?

Yes. We welcome individual donations that can be made on our online Click and Pledge platform, under “Spread Joy.” We ask donors to make those donations by December 16th (no later than December 20th), using the following link: https://youthprise.org/donate/

Please designate your gift to support “Spread Joy.”

How does the family receive the gifts?
We ask sponsors to wrap and label gifts based on the family’s gift wrapping preferences (which will be communicated to you ahead of time) as some families do not celebrate Christmas. Sponsors are asked to drop off gifts by Thursday, December 16th at Youthprise (other arrangements can be made if sponsors are unable to deliver or wrap gifts). For confidentiality reasons and Covid-19 protocol, sponsors and families do not meet.

Anything else I should know?
If your group or organization has raised more money beyond the family’s wishlist, consider other items that the family might need. Some examples include socks, hats, mittens, gift certificates to Target or Walmart, or other practical items such as shampoo, toothpaste, personal care products, etc. These are always needed and appreciated by the families.

If you have questions contact us at fayise@youthprise.org or adyiam@youthprise.org


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