Pushing P3: Policy, Power, and Passion Live Weekly Podcast Launches March 3, 2023 @ 12:30 CT

Pushing P3: Policy, Power, and Passion
Live Weekly Podcast
Launches March 3, 2023 @ 12:30 CT

Legislatively speaking, there's so much is at stake for Minnesota’s youth and families. This year, our policymakers have hit the ground running and are bringing to the forefront serious matters that serve as barriers that limit access to opportunities for youth to thrive, especially non-white youth from financially challenged communities. Issues such as expanding income limits for the K-12 Education Tax credit, legalization and taxation of cannabis, effective interventions for unhoused youth, and the appropriation of funds to support workforce development activities for our state’s vibrant Pan-African communities are among the many issues being discussed and voted on by our legislators.
Pushing P3 : Policy, Power, and Passion offers cross-cultural, intergenerational dialogue on these and other policies that are under consideration during Minnesota’s current legislative session. With a focus on topics that impact young people and families who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color, our three commentators — representing Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X — will offer candid analysis via live, real-time commentary each Friday, by dissecting issues MN legislators have discussed earlier that same week. We’ll also host guest commentators that may include policymakers, youth and adult advocates, practitioners, and others.

Every Friday throughout the entirety of the 2023 legislative session, we’ll be focused on pushing three Ps:
• Discussing current POLICY
• Disrupting structures of POWER
• Delivering analysis with PASSION
Join us for what's sure to be a lively and insightful discussion!


Jose Perez, Policy Director and Board Treasurer-Secretary, Bridgemakers, will be our lead youth commentator. Jose R. Perez, 22, serves as Bridgemakers’ Policy Director and Board Treasurer-Secretary. Jose is the youngest member of the Ramsey County Transforming Systems Together Committee and formerly the St. Paul City Council Reparations Committee and has twice testified at the Minnesota Legislature on removing barriers to teachers of color. Jose’s a St. Paul native and the son of a single mother, a Guatemalan immigrant. His father was deported to El Salvador when Jose was one. Jose has experience with the Justice system, failing first and ninth grade and as an English language learner with dyslexia. At the core of it all, Jose is a R&B artist, and a proud 2019 graduate of High School for Recording Arts. He has keynoted two national education conferences. Jose’s vision for Minnesota is why he’s an advocate for human-centered transformation of our education and economic systems.

Quincy Powe, Twin Cities Opportunity Youth Network Manager, Youthprise, will serve as our moderator. Quincy has been working in the youth service field since his days as a high school student in the Twin Cities. With over a decade of experience, Quincy has cultivated his skills as an advocate for policy that promotes racial equity, as well as inclusiveness and a sense of belonging for young people who have traditionally been systemically disenfranchised. He is also adept at connecting with young people through facilitating focus groups and listening sessions, using this information to ensure their perspectives and desires are included in critical discussions focused on forging change in policy and practice.

Kristy Snyder, Twin Cities Opportunity Youth Network Director, Youthprise, will be our lead adult commentator. An experienced leader, passionate advocate, and longtime champion for young people, Kristy Snyder works with young people and other stakeholders to build a network aligned for meaningful impact, narrative shift, policy and legislative changes that prioritize "opportunity youth." She has over 20 years of experience that includes teaching middle school teacher in Baltimore City, serving as faculty and interim dean at Minneapolis College, and directing a nonprofit opportunity youth workforce and education program.

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