How do our grantees advance racial equity and or youth engagement in their programs?

Toward the end of 2018, the Youthprise Research and Evaluation Team conducted grantee interviews to investigate that question. We were purposeful about making the interview process more interactive and comfortable for our grantees, and intentional about selecting grantees that we had not typically highlighted. The Research and Evaluation Team designed an interview template that followed our theory of change, and the themes throughout the interviews were racial equity and youth engagement. 

One goal of the interviews was to strengthen our relationships with our grantees and to elevate and share their stories of impact. In 2019, the Team compiled the data and wrote the stories, which will now be highlighted on our website and social media. 


NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center

NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center is a multi-specialty medical, dental, and mental health center and human service agency located in North Minneapolis. It is administered through a partnership between Hennepin County and a Community Board of Directors comprised of NorthPoint’s patients and people who live and or work in the community. NorthPoint strives to improve the physical and socio-economic health of the North Minneapolis community through an integrated model of health and human services.

We interviewed Heather, who leads the peer education for girl groups and health education classes. Heather handles reviewing the work of youth in the program.

Heather explains that part of the curriculum is to bring second- and third-year residents to meet with the students. The residents benefit from this because they gain experience working with young people which, then empowers young people to use their voice.

Heather describes how racial equity shows up at Northpoint Health & Wellness, explaining that, “There is a lot of racial inequities in the schools we work in [in North] because there is a lack of resources including students not getting the services they need.”

We also spoke with Deja, a youth participant at the peer education for girl group and the health education classes.

When talking about the program, Deja explains, “The program is actually fun and more interesting than all my other classes.”

One of the locations of Northpoint Health & Wellness elevates youth leadership by giving young people the opportunity to plan events like World AIDS Day to raise awareness and share accurate information about AIDS.

A core component of the program is to reduce unplanned teen pregnancy and educate young people on how to have healthy relationships and make the right decisions.

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