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Published on August 9, 2013 | Written by

This is the first post in our new monthly blog series, YouthScribe, spearheaded by our Youth Innovator/Focus Group Facilitator, Bella Larson. This month we are sharing her poem, Youth, which was originally published in our collection of poetry and spoken word that we created in collaboration with the Minnesota Center for Book Arts with writing from In Progress, Three Sixty Journalism and Brittany Delaney. Check out her poem below!



By Bella Larson


Childish, naive, make mistakes, troublemakers

the list can go on and on

stereotypes fill our heads

of what we should be

who we should be

what we should think

“cute” we are called

“sweet” we are called

we want to be strong, not cute

we want to be harsh, not sweet

about our worlds reality

we have lived in the world too

have seen the struggles

have gone through the hard ships

by any means we are not naive

we are trailblazers

showing the world we can make a difference we can demand change

we can scream our anger and criticism

of this world

this community

that our voice should be recognized

not shadowed by the clouds of stereotypes

the eclipse taking over our light



Childish, naive, make mistakes, troublemakers we may be young but we are strong

we can be childish but we are harsh

we make mistakes, but we are trailblazers

and believe that we will always make trouble

in the places we find need

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