Naomi Tutu: Honoring Our Common Heritage and Promoting Solidarity

Published on May 8, 2014 | Written by

Earlier this year, Naomi Tutu, an international speaker on race and gender justice, came to the Twin Cities to participate in Youthprise’s Black History Month Celebration events, “Honoring Our Common Heritage and Promoting Solidarity”.  The events included a concert at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts with Maria de Barros, a Families & Learning Luncheon, a Community Forum and a Philanthropy Breakfast. While our Minnesota winter prevented Naomi from speaking at the breakfast, she videotaped her message to funders, stakeholders and organizations in the OST field.

Speaking to the philanthropic community, Tutu encouraged leaders to engage directly with the people they are serving. In her message she asks: How can we do things differently? How can we look at our challenges differently? How do we look at our partners and contributors differently? She goes on to say:

 I believe that as those who are about giving in the community, who are about supporting community initiatives, the 21st century – today – is the time for a new song. There has to be a song that is sung with all the communities that you say that you are serving. That their voices cannot simply be heard as the voices of recipients but their voices must be part of the harmony of the planning, of the evaluating, of the imagining of what is it that this work is going to look like.

You can see the full video here:

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