Music to our ears

Published on September 11, 2012 | Written by

Afterschool programs are worth their weight in gold. Research tells us this, and now, so do our own eyes and ears.

“Hot Cheetos and Takis” is a video-gone-viral starring kids from North Minneapolis. Its stunning success is a tribute to the kids – and to the community program that allowed them the space, time and tools to thrive.  MinnPost took notice of this accomplishment and details the importance of quality after-school programs in this feature article.

Having the opportunity to shine through an afterschool program is crucial for youth to be able to build the life skills they need to contribute to society later in life. Our state’s greatest untapped resources are the energy and ingenuity of youth; this video is just one example of what is possible when resources are provided.

Now, imagine these accomplishments playing out in various forms across the diverse youth population in Minnesota. What might the future look like for a youth gaining invaluable experience at  Girls in Action? And what kind of future recording artist might emerge because of an experience at St. Paul’s High School for Recording Arts?

These are the kinds of programs that Youthprise supports. We are committed to championing learning beyond the classroom. The possibilities are truly endless when high-quality afterschool opportunities are available. Youthprise is excited to be a part of many more examples like this in the years ahead.

Karen Kingsley
Youthprise Director of Public Policy & Communications and lover of Cheetos of the not-hot variety


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