Meet our 2016 Capacity Building Grantees

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In October of 2016 Youthprise’s Board approved 40 grants.

Totaling $320,000

The goal of our 2016 capacity building grantmaking is to increase the ability of organizations to participate in expanded learning systems and authentically engage youth. In our fifth year of grantmaking, Youthprise is continually refining our philanthropic processes. In 2016 Youthprise coordinated a community-led panel grant process that included interviews with applicants and used criteria to make recommendations aligned with our goals. A racial equity lens was used to:

  1. Identify organizations with board and staff that are representative of its community;
  2. Evaluate organizations’ efforts to ensure inclusion and diversity; and
  3. Align distribution of grants with concentrations of underserved youth.


Our deepest investment continues to be in culturally specific organizations. The following observations are consistent with outcomes from past grants in this area:

  • 63% are ethnic-led organizations (33% African American, 15% African, 3% Asian American, 5% Latino, 8% Native American);
  • 28% are first-time recipients of funding; and
  • 55% of organizations are from Minneapolis, 38% from Saint Paul, and 8% from suburban areas, with multiple organizations serving youth in both cities.


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2016 Capacity Building Grantees

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