Legislating Opportunity: A Celebration of Key Investments in Minnesota’s Young People

Children and youth across the state are returning to school and settling in for another year. Thanks to a group of state legislators who championed key bills earlier this year, many of these young people now have access to essential supports, due to new laws that prioritize the needs of Minnesota's youngest and often most vulnerable residents.
Legislating Opportunity: A Celebration of Key Investments in Minnesota's Young People is an opportunity to recognize legislators who authored, sponsored, and advocated for legislation that advances safety, education, employment, shelter, and overall well-being for Minnesota's children and youth.

The event will acknowledge those who led the charge for much-needed updates to the K-12 Education Tax Credit, which is the first time the law has been modernized in over 25 years. The new legislation affords eligibility to tens of thousands more low- to moderate-income families who can now use the credit to secure tutoring, driver's education, art and music lessons, technology, and more at little or no out-of-pocket cost.
We'll also recognize public officials who successfully spearheaded other bills, including:

  • MinneKIDS, which authorizes a minimum $50 seed deposit into a savings account for various post-secondary education pathways (such as vocational school or college) upon the birth of a child.
  • Homeless Youth Cash Stipend Pilot, which authorizes direct cash transfers to unhoused youth; and
  • Pan African Youth Economic Development Grant Initiative, which expands the previous focus on East African youth to encompass all African immigrant communities

Join us in honoring our public officials for their leadership and commitment toward ensuring that Minnesota's next generation has equitable access to the resources they need to thrive.

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