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Senior Financial Capability Program Navigator

As a Navigator, you will serve as a first point of contact for program participants seeking help with various program financial needs and tracking information related to these programs. This new position will primarily support the Foster Postsecondary Success program and the Homeless Youth Stipend Pilot program. As time permits, the Navigator may provide limited support to other financial capability programs.

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Foster Postsecondary Success Manager

Youthprise is a resource for youth-serving organizations and systems throughout Minnesota. Youthprise’s mission is to increase equity with and for MN’s low-income, indigenous, and racially diverse youth by mobilizing and investing resources, investing knowledge, and advocating for change. Our priority areas are learning and leadership, economic opportunity, health, ownership, wealth, and power.

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Foster Postsecondary Success Coordinator

The Foster Postsecondary Success Coordinator implements and ensures equitable and timely distribution of grants for eligible former fosters in Minnesota. The Coordinator works with young people in the program in a variety of ways – small group meetings, one-on-ones, text messages, and college meetings – to ensure the grants are supporting postsecondary completion. The Coordinator ensures work is aligned with program metrics.

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Opportunity Youth Network Associate

The Opportunity Youth Network Associate will support key projects, ensure smooth data reporting, and document completion to ensure that the containers that support innovation for opportunity youth are healthy, powerful, and productive.

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