Announcing the Second Round of COVID-19 Response Fund Grantees!

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Youthprise was honored to receive two rounds of funding from the Minnesota Disaster Recovery Fund (MDRF) for coronavirus. The second round of funding was $250K of which $220K has been distributed via general operating grants and another $30K in technical assistance to address other needs of organizations supporting African American youth and their families.

The focus of these second round of funding was identified by Youthprise after learning that the African American community was underrepresented in the collective funding response to COVID-19 state-wide while being overly impacted by COVID-19 and racial inequities.

Eligible organizations were those serving primarily African American youth that have been impacted by COVID-19, are involved in recent political actions to end inequities related to the death of George Floyd, and/or are working to address racial equity and racial disparities.

The uses of general operating funds may include:

  • Salary expenses to prevent the furlough or laying off of staff
  • Administrative expenses impacted by the loss or delay in income
  • Expenses related to increased needs of youth to provide programming or services
  • Expenses related to rebuilding or repairing damage related to the death of George Floyd
  • Expenses related to programming focused on mitigating the impact of racism
  • Payments to youth and youth employees, and
  • Other associated expenses.


Stats about our 23 grantees:

  • 48% (eleven grantees) are based in Minneapolis, 30% (seven grantees) are in Saint Paul, 13% (three grantees) are in urban Greater Minnesota, and 9% (two grantees) are in the suburbs of the Seven County Metro
  • 91% (21 grantees) received $10K grants, while 9% (two grantees) received $5K grants
  • 100% of grantees were African American-led organizations
Grant Size Stats for Covid Response Round-2
Grantee Location Stats for Covid Response Round-2

Learn more about our second round grantees below:

Above the EDGE, Minneapolis, $10,000

Above the EDGE inspires, educates, and guides youth by engaging them in experiences that enhance their self-empowerment and provide them with vital support as they develop both deep purpose and a healthy passion for life.


ANEW BAM, St. Paul, $10,000

ANEW BAM is a K-8 education arts organization that was established to support academic achievement, model positive behavior, and provide structure for marginalized students in St. Paul youth.


Arts-Us, St. Paul, $10,000

ARTS-Us uses the experiences of the African Diaspora at its core and collaborating with artists, educators, and communities of other backgrounds and cultures, Their mission is to develop young leaders through the arts, culture, and sciences of the African Diaspora.


Carl Moss Institute, St. Paul, $10,000

The Carl Moss Institute is a nonprofit focused on criminal justice reform.


Crossroads Panorama, Minneapolis, $10,000

Crossroads Panorama is a community-based organization focused on helping to make the world around us a better, happier place. Their goal is to equip youth with positive key skills for their life-long learning experiences, that will empower purpose, self-worth, and change.


DanSan Creatives, Duluth, $10,000

DanSan Creatives is committed to the empowerment of youth and creatives, and use arts and arts education to diversify narratives. Their vision is to innovate with stories as hinges, connecting creatives to an authentic framework. Their mission is to work with the community to create spaces that promote healing through stories in order to cultivate connection around identities; especially for black families.


E.L.E.V.A.T.E, Minneapolis, $10,000

ELEVATE is dedicated to professional development through internships for young people. They create space for participants to use work experience as a stepping stone to carving out their future careers and building self-esteem.


Encouraging Leaders, Minneapolis, $10,000

Encouraging Leaders' mission is to inspire underserved youth and young adults to recognize their inner talents and gain confidence in their ability to shape a positive future for themselves and their community. Their interventions allow young adults to break through the boundaries that limit their dreams and aspirations.


Families Rise Together, Duluth, $10,000

Families Rise Together (previously known as Fathers Rise Together) is guided by the philosophy and teaching of self-determination, personal control, and increased finances. The purpose of Family Rise Together is to help strengthen family unity by engaging fathers and mothers in their children’s lives to establish family values, social roles, and participation in the community.


Growing North Minneapolis,  Minneapolis, $10,000

Growing North Minneapolis is a community-driven collaboration with the University of Minnesota, which focuses on youth and their communities. Through intergenerational mentorship and urban agriculture, they advance environmental, social, and racial justice in North Minneapolis.


Hope Community, Minneapolis, $10,000

Hope Community creates connections that strengthen the power of community members and communities. They cultivate community leaders, build community capacity, care for the housing and community spaces they develop, and pursue equity and diversity in all they do.


Hope United Community Development Corporation, Minneapolis, $10,000

Hope United CDC seeks to sever as Catalyst of Hope in North Minneapolis; connecting people, organizations, and resources to transform their community for good. Their vision is for North Minneapolis to become a thriving and vibrant community that is a great place to live, work, play, and worship.


The JK Movement, Eagan, $5,000

The JK Movement is a nonprofit agency providing mentoring programs for middle and high school youth in the metro and surrounding areas. The JK Movement’s goals are to foster a commitment for our young people that will promote strong interpersonal skills, educational and career pathways, and reassert a sense of hope for their future.


Mentoring Young Adults, St. Paul, $10,000

MYA is a community­-based organization providing crisis­-management for vulnerable youths. They seek to close the extreme inequalities in communities of color on the front lines by fighting homelessness, high­school drop rates, unemployment, and the disproportionate number of young adults caught up in the criminal justice system.


Model Cities of St. Paul, Inc., St. Paul, $10,000

Model Cities of St. Paul has the mission of providing social and economic prosperity by providing access to opportunities that stabilize and develop families and communities.


Northside Boxing Club, Minneapolis, $10,000

Northside Boxing Club is a non-profit boxing gym designed to serve as a safe place to teach fundamentals about life, character, nutrition, education, and boxing.


Project Sweetie Pie, St. Louis Park, $10,000

Project Sweetie Pie works to revitalize North Minneapolis by creating community gardens, supporting agricultural businesses, and developing a local food corridor offering liveable wage jobs. Their work unites healthy food, vigorous exercise, intergenerational learning, and community engagement.


Redeemer Center for Life, Minneapolis, $10,000

Redeemer Center for Life is a nonprofit committed to youth training, attainable housing, and workforce development in the Harrison neighborhood of North Minneapolis. Since 1998, this place-based organization has celebrated and reinforced the diversity of Minneapolis’ Northside through social action as well as financial and programmatic investment in its people, ideas, and enterprises.


The Sanneh Foundation, St. Paul, $10,000

The Sanneh Foundation serves the holistic youth development needs of the increasingly diverse Twin Cities metro area. Their mission is to empower youth by supporting and promoting educational attainment through in-school and after-school support; improve lives by providing programs that strengthen physical health and social and emotional development; and unite communities by advancing diversity, equity, and community well-being.


St. Paul Youth Services, St. Paul, $10,000

St. Paul Youth Services is a leader in reimagining how the community engages with and holds itself accountable for youth. They partner directly with young people to build skills and resources to achieve their goals and deliver tools, training, and partnerships to guide nonprofits, schools, and public agencies in transforming their practices and cultures to be more youth-centric.


Too Much Talent, Saint Cloud, $10,000

2MT was created to help youth develop a sense of competence and engage in identity work. Through the arts, 2MT empowers youth to gain knowledge on self-esteem, positive communication skills, healthy family, relationships, and living.


We IMPACT!, Minneapolis, $10,000

We IMPACT utilizes secular and spiritual programming to eradicate generational poverty through education; empower individuals through financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and economic dignity; encourage healthy lifestyles; and eliminate recidivism.


WE WIN Institute, Inc., Minneapolis, $5,000

WE WIN provides a safe and nurturing environment for young people while working to increase parental involvement in the lives of their children and in their child’s schools. WE WIN gives children a base of knowledge in core subjects and assists them in developing the skills that they need to grow into successful and responsible adults.

Congratulations to all selected grantees and thank you to all applying organizations!

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