#BHMC2013 and Shanell McCoy’s take on Black History Month

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#BHMC2013 #RenewHope

This year’s Black History Month Celebration (#BHMC2013) is already upon us! Youthprise and Cultural Wellness Center have organized two full days of events for “Renewing Hope in the Promise of Minnesota’s Youth”, featuring Dr. Joseph L. White, the “Godfather of Black Psychology”. This year Youthprise had the opportunity to partner with organizations across the Twin Cities community, you can view the full list of partners on page 3 of the program.

You can view the full list of #BHMC2013 events here, and click to view a full program of events here.

To follow the events on twitter or to add your own reflections use #BHMC2013 and #RenewHope on Twitter and help add to the conversation!

To provide an intergenerational context, please check out this insightful piece from Youthprise’s Youth innovator, Shanell McCoy, that was published in Insight News. Shanell reflects on the legacy of history and what Black History Month means to her as a young black woman. The piece is excerpted below.


Insight News
Shanell McCoy| February 20, 2013

Teaching positive messages pertaining to culture and history play a very important role in the foundation of future success. History teaches that through determination, resilience, and ingenuity one can overcome any obstacle in the face of any form of adversity or oppression. Compared to the circumstances present in most of our history, this generation has unspeakable, tremendous opportunity to do and be anything. However, as stated before, if we don’t know where we came from, we’ll never know where we’re going. Considering the magnitude of the advances made throughout our history, how could we not use what we know to further transform our society and engage and empower youth at the same time? Leveraging culture and history as tools to develop leadership among youth will help build better futures. Furthermore, the advancement of youth in the present based on the knowledge of the past will lead to the prosperity of Minnesota in the future.

To read the full article click here.


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