An Announcement from Youthprise President, Wokie Weah

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An Announcement from Youthprise President, Wokie Weah

Dear Supporters and Friends:

I want to share some exciting news. After ten years of being at the helm of Youthprise, I am putting on my retirement shoes. I see beaches, family, and writing in my future. I have watched Youthprise grow, evolve, tackle new challenges, and embrace new opportunities we never dreamed were possible. A huge thank you to the Youthprise staff and board, the philanthropic community, policymakers, community members, and especially young people who have supported me through this incredible journey.

I remember walking into the McKnight Foundation Offices in Minneapolis on day one and thinking to myself it is almost embarrassing to love your new job so much. Truth be told, the mandate of the job collided with two of my deepest passions; youth leadership and advancing racial equity. Asking me to lead an organization destined to be a catalyst for policy and systems change was like asking me to take sand to the beach.

I will miss Youthprise, but please know that I am retiring with joy. It is an honor to be passing the proverbial torch to our current Vice President, Marcus Pope who has been an incredible colleague for the past nine years. As he ascends into the role of President, I know the future of Youthprise, and my legacy are in great hands.

Youthprise will always be a part of my story, and oh what a story it has been. I wanted to disrupt the system, and I accomplished that and so much more during my tenure.

Please join me in congratulating Marcus Pope as the future President of Youthprise. I will gradually transition into retirement, with my last official day on December 31, 2021. In the meantime, Marcus and I will work closely together to facilitate a seamless transition as he gradually assumes more of the presidential responsibilities.

Wokie Weah
President of Youthprise

To learn more about Marcus Pope, click here.

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