5 Questions with Aimee Vue, Youth Philantrophy Manager

Meet Aimee!

Aimee is the go-to person for all things Youthbank. Having several experiences in startups, she wants to channel her passion for building and scaling into Youthbank by making it a nationwide program. Her background includes a BA from Brown University, working on designing kombucha popsicles, and navigating the commerce committee at the MN legislature. Unabashedly from Minnesota, she has a deep passion for anything cheese-related, a strong aversion for unnecessary niceties, and a long history of figuring out how we can do better when we all do better.

Tell us about your role in one sentence.

I run all things YouthBank, Youthprise's youth-led, youth-driven grantmaking initiative.

What inspires your work?

As a teenager, I grew up in a household income that oscillated above and below the federal poverty line. I could feel there was something larger in the world that was wrong about always feeling like my family could almost not make it each month. I learned how money is simply a tool to pool resources to ensure things get done and people are fed. I carry with me the belief that dollars are one tool (of many) for changemaking and when we can trust young people that they know what is happening in their lives, that's one step towards making the world a better place.

How did you end up here?

I believe in changemaking-- whether it's young people, myself, or the person you're yet to meet. Inequities exist in this world, and if there's something one of us can do to change that, imagine what we ALL could do. I want to live in a world that allows everyone to operate from a framework of love and compassion. That is the world I am working towards building. I believe it starts with the drive of young people. I believe the work continues here at Youthprise.

Tell us a fun fact about you that not many people know!

I write standup, mostly to laugh for myself. Laughing is my favorite pastime (but this isn't a secret).

Describe your perfect day.

Early fall, 70 degrees, MN state park pass in hand, kayaks above in tow, ready to spend the day outdoors with the people I love. Quality time is my love language!


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  • What are three words your colleagues use to describe you? Action-oriented doer.
  • If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would you say? Find who you are, and stand your ground. Be bold. Show up, and show out.
  • Favorite quote: The future will not belong to those who sit on the sidelines. The future will not belong to the cynics. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. -Paul Wellstone, Former US Senator (MN)
What Aimee's team members say about her:

"Aimee has a vibrant, colorful and pulling energy. Her smile brightens the room and her dedication to this work has been consistent for over a decade. From youth work, to artwork, to the depths of her personality, you're never short of amazed." - Neese, Youth Engagement Manager

"Aimee has AMAZING ENERGY. She’s full of life, always knows the latest resources, and is a dedicated problem-solver!" Claire, Director of Organizational Effectiveness

"When I think of Aimee, I think of her effervescent energy! She is an amazing go-getter who is not only innovative, passionate, and prolific at work, but is just as radiant outside of work too. She exudes intentionality and a zest for life that you cannot help but be anything but inspired by her." - Nadia, Research Manager

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Youthprise is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer.

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